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All on one platform: dataBelt®


Complete data governance

One platform supporting all data needs.

Aim’s dataBelt® software platform supports organisations in all aspects of data governance and those looking to put in place a robust data governance framework.

Data is a critical asset for delivering business objectives. Understanding and managing your data effectively are vital and the most successful organisations are those which are data centric in their operations. Data governance is the process for ensuring that your data is kept safe, accurate and compliant to deliver business objectives such as generating new revenue streams, reducing operational costs and de-risking processes.

Data classification, valuation and compliance are key enablers that underpin data governance, helping to answer questions such as ‘why we do what we do’, ‘what processes do we follow’, and ‘how these can be changed to work better for us and our clients, with greater agility, more innovation and less risk’.

Why dataBelt®?


It is now recognised that there is a change in the direction of travel in organisations and boundaries between data disciplines are coming down - risk, compliance, data protection, cyber security. DataBelt®, a smart micro-service horizontal platform, supports all data governance challenges using machine learning and robotic processing - e-discovery, litigation, counter fraud, compliance, M&A, security, data protection, regulatory reviews. One platform supporting all data needs.


DataBelt® utilises modern technologies to deliver outstanding functionality. Its open API architecture and data crawler support fast access and interrogation of all data sources in an organisation's data estate, indexing and classifying it in any form - structured and unstructured. Supported by regex and business rules engines, the platform allows unparalleled understanding of data - type/architecture, business importance, relationships, privacy/sensitivity, risk, value, jurisdiction, usage. Then assembling the indexed data in DataBelt®’s data inventory – providing a virtualised data lake as no master data is ever moved. Machine learning also allows databelt to mine images, video and sound files.    


DataBelt®’s Cyber security allows breaches and suspicious behaviours to be mapped to data to give a 360-degree view of data and the potential risk/impact to the organisation. Whilst deep searching and compliance services support cleansing and fraud detection and are useful in data benchmarking, due diligence exercises and regulatory reviews - eg for M&A, security reviews, data protection/risk reviews.


DataBelt® has numerous other use cases to help businesses get to the heart of their data issues, such as IT certificate management, data protection, data valuation, data migration and merging, to name a few.


DataBelt® can be used as a consulting aid, or left on site as a fully operational system. 


Aim Ltd (with its software product dataBelt®) was independently assessed as part of the Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Solutions, Q3 2021, as one of the world’s “12 Providers that Matter Most”.


Search for any data, structured or unstructured

  • Find all your data assets, whatever they are and wherever they are located
  • Deep search any and all data assets for any data of any type
  • Search Exchange, Google Drive, Drop Box, any servers, fileshares, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, microfiche, images, videos, sound files
  • Find personal information, references, key words, multiple language characters
  • Use AI to match image types and for facial recognition

Index and classify all your data from multiple sources

  • Trawl your data and index everything
  • Classify all your data to understand exactly what you hold, how it is stored and where it is located

Identify fraud, errors, duplications, inaccuracies or non-compliant data

  • Compare multiple datasets for errors, non-conformities, duplications
  • Identify and investigate fraudulent or suspicious entries
  • Carry out Know Your Customer and People Trace activities using dataBelt's integration with government approved identity verification tools

Ensure your data is fully compliant

  • Quality check data for internal due diligence or regulatory compliance
  • Identify data errors in single or multiple datasets
  • Cleanse datasets against master data and defined business rules
  • Merge any number of datasets

Fully manage end to end GDPR and data protection

  • Manage & Report breaches and understand data risks
  • Receive, progress and monitor DSARs and FoI requests
  • Search any and all datasets for any structured or unstructured data
  • Classify and index all data from multiple datasets of any size
  • Find any text references in any language, find data within images (ie passports, credit cards, driving licences, other scanned documents), videos, sound files, PDFs, microfiche documents
  • Communicate with all stakeholders
  • Data protection by design - carry out impact/risk assessments and PII data ratings
  • Manage consent
  • Define and manage SLAs against all activities
  • Provide activity log of data protection activities
  • Provide analytics & produce key reports for internal and external audiences

Get a 360 degree view of all your data assets and their security posture

  • Use dataBelt®'s Cyber Security feed, or link any other Cyber Security tool to dataBelt® and index all your configuration items in the CMDB
  • Understand the sensitivity of all your data and exactly where it is located
  • Map malicious activities to data assets and know exactly what data is impacted, your risks and vulnerabilities
  • Raise cases and alert your compliance teams
  • Undertake impact assessments
  • Prioritise actions according to sensitivity of data
  • Report incidents

Read more about dataBelt®'s cyber security, and integration with enterprise Cyber Security tools.

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dataBelt datasheet dl-240p-9150e176-2306-4173-a193-1f5dc2bf81a7 (1).gif

dataBelt® operates on a role-based design, with a full data rest and transit security model to safeguard unauthorised access, and an approval model prior to transforming and updating con-compliant data.


dataBelt®’s user interface, navigation and processing have been designed as user-first, following the Google design standards to ensure the user journey is intuitive and process driven, utilising templates and job scheduling. 


dataBelt® comes with dashboards and management information reports that can provide all the operational metrics required by an organisation to measure data compliance as well as submit statutory or regulatory returns.


When left in situ, dataBelt® can create historical and trending management information reports on changes to data cleanliness and compliance – including the index “how clean is my data” – compliance an increasingly important metric that organisations need to report upon.


Independent tool assessments have shown that dataBelt® provides a strong multi-functional offering and relative to other products reviewed, shows:

  • Superior capabilities for data acquisition - such as complete metadata capture, rationalisation of various metadata types, extensive use of automation and a wide range of templates/connectors
  • Superior capabilities for advanced security, privacy and compliance (such as dedicated privacy policies, sensitivity and privacy risk, compliance monitoring, large set of templates for data privacy regulations, industry compliance) with advanced capabilities for risk and audit
  • High product quality, easy to use
  • Good product for organisations looking to modernise their data governance approach and underlying data platform.

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