One portal, unlimited services





Low-code, persona driven, smart platform Web-portal

Delivers an enhanced digital experience, and provides service resilience, built upon robust security, permissions and approval models.

The go-to platform for multi-channel access to services and resources on-line.

Modern and engaging user interface

DataServe® is a modern, intuitive and quick to respond web-portal for multi-channel frictionless access to services and resources

Browser driven

The dataServe® web-portal is easily accessible through one single and smart website


The dataServe® web-portal is a development platform with exceptional automated workflows and connectors that can front any and all back-office systems, such as IT helpdesk, HR, Expenses, meetings or conferences – whether on-premise, cloud, legacy, modern, out of the box, custom developed

Case Study

Web-portal solution for Higher Education establishments

Aim delivering Digital Transformation and Business Interruption response for Higher Education through frictionless user engagement

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Development platform

New services can be added at any time and with reduced reliance on people, thanks to automated workflows.

Customised configuration

The dataServe® web-portal can be configured exactly as required, quickly and easily, using our agile development approach

Business interruption response

Streamline and harmonise IT services in your organisation, provide new and innovative services, processes and resources to all your stakeholders - ideal in case of major and prolonged business interruption via remote working from on-premise, private cloud or public cloud

❖  Digital Transformation – Connect all stakeholders with the services and resources they need efficiently and with no fuss; one portal, multiple points of access

❖  Smart platform – The dataServe® web-portal is a low code, persona-driven, smart platform powered by new technology that intelligently understands and anticipates users’ needs

❖  Business interruption response – Automation, configuration of new and innovative services, processes and resources will provide a significant aid in supporting your organisation’s business interruption response, via remote working from on-premise, private cloud or public cloud

❖  Security – dataServe®  is built upon robust security, permissions and approval models to the standards used by banks, law enforcement agencies and national defence organisations


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