Data Forensics and Fraud Detection

Data Forensics and Fraud Detection


Supporting Counter Fraud



dataBelt® provides a complete counter-fraud toolset, empowering counter-fraud, risk, and compliance teams to protect their organisations from the reputational and financial damage associated with fraud and data theft.

dataBelt® provides teams with the ability to understand areas of vulnerability, to de-risk, track internal or external behaviours & identify suspicious activity, identify patterns and anomalies and report, monitor and communicate with stakeholders.


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dataBelt®’s 360 view provides the collaboration capability required of Cyber Security, Data Protection, Compliance and Risk & Counter Fraud teams  


Equipped with endpoint vulnerability checks, suspicious behaviour identifications and data scanning, indexing and classification.


Presented visually across a global map of an organisation’s infrastructure and data estate.


All supported with a robust collaboration and work management engine.


  • Discover all the data you hold
  • Ensure robust cyber security for endpoint resilience, providing prevention, protection, detection and reporting of security breaches
  • Allow collaboration between agencies and teams, with robust reports and dashboards to track compliance and report on counter fraud posture
  • Handle all documents in accordance with the EDRM or E-discovery reference model to ensure it is compliant for legal deposition


  • Assess risk profiles relating to fraud, bribery and corruption of your own organisation, the supply chain and customers
  • Analyse datasets to identify those which may be the source of fraudulent activity
  • Check the ID of individuals, for example new hires in relation to their name, address, criminal convictions etc
  • Break down boundaries between disciplines such as Cyber Security, Data Protection, Compliance and Risk, and Counter Fraud to monitor and address data issues across all functions