Data Literacy

Data Literacy

Aim’s data literacy training programme


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Aim has created an award-winning data literacy programme comprising a number of courses that train delegates in the skills needed to embrace the future world of data and data analysis. This will help fulfil their current roles, but will also increase their future marketability in the workplace.

Very importantly and uniquely, the training programme is conducted with the use of our data analysis, governance and management software platform dataBelt®.

DataBelt® is packed with all the latest AI and other advanced technologies which put sophisticated data forensic tools into the hands of non-programmers through its ‘shift left’ and natural language processing design. The Training programme comprises 12 training courses and a total of 28 days of training covering all aspects of the enterprise version.


Why is Data Literacy Important?


As the importance and reliance of data increases and it is seen that organisations that adopt a data-led strategy are amongst the most successful, the importance of these complex skills can only be expected to increase. The response from many organisations is to hire trained specialists who possess these advanced analytical and forensic skills. In addition, many organisations have added a Chief Data Officer (CDO) role to the leadership team to ensure an organisation realises the full value from its data. Furthermore, the developing role of the Data Integrity Committee is becoming important to steward and manage organisational data as an invaluable asset and therefore corporate risk, alongside the audit committee.

Because data is so crucial to business success, an increasing number of organisations demand some degree of data literacy from their employees. But scanning and interrogating large datasets to allow data analysis to take place, is now only possible through the use of advanced analytical software. Thus, data literacy must also include the ability to use such software tools that will assist with converting data to information and information to insight.


Benefits from using Aim’s Data Literacy Training


Attending the Aim data literacy training programme will provide the delegate with the information necessary to:


Understand data literacy through data science and our data governance tool dataBelt®

Build data governance strategies, policies and frameworks

Build advanced AI models to solve complex data problems

Gain recognised certification in data literacy skills wanted by all the world’s top organisations

Receive training and certification in the use of the world-leading software data governance platform, dataBelt®.


Aim’s trainers are expert practitioners in data analysis, forensic analysis and the application of dataBelt® in solving complex data challenges.


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