Data Governance

Data Governance

An enterprise's structured approach to the management of data is a Data Governance Framework

Implementing such a framework is clear and obvious good business practice, but understandably comensurate with the importance and value that an enterprise places on its data. But an equally important and very current application of a Data Governance Framework is to help manage the demands of the new data protection requirements from the EU - GDPR - which came into force in May 2018.

A Data Governance framework will also place an enterprise in a strong position to drive continuous improvement towards greater data governance maturity, by applying a standard 5-level governance maturity model.


Data Governance with dataBelt®

dataBelt® is Aim's agentless data governance and data protection tool used to support an enterprise's Data Governance Framework and mitigate data challenges facing enterprises. dataBelt® is part of the Aim dataEstate® data management software suite - a leader in the unified regulatory technology (RegTech) field.

A Data Governance Framework provides an enterprise with a structure for ensuring it understands, manages and protects data as one of its most important resources.

It also requires an enterprise to revisit its business processes as they relate to data handling, and in doing so will uncover better ways of delivering processes and services, eg greater automation, data interrogation, better productivity. 

The negative outcomes are where an enterprise is in breach of data regulations such as GDPR. There are hefty fines for those who fail to meet the demands of GDPR and the need to gain consent for data used by an enterprise can lead to additional operational costs for many organisations. But again, these should be seen in the light of an enterprise being required to examine and, where necessary, improve its data housekeeping.

dataBelt® is the tool that can bring together all the disciplines and processes necessary to implement a comprehensive data governance and data protection / GDPR framework. Not just making an enterprise compliant, but staying compliant permanently.


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