IT Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management Training Course – 2 day duration

Who would benefit from attending?


This 2-day course is ideal for those new to IT vendor management or those who need a deeper knowledge of the issues, but who also need to acquire an understanding of the subject matter within the context of IT service planning and wider IT service management.*


This course if based upon the pooled expertise of Aim vendor management practitioners who have managed relationships in major organisations. You will learn not only about the subject matter, but hints and tips that will be useful in successful IT vendor management. The course has a number of interactive sessions throughout to put learnings to the test.

The 2 day course is structured as follows:

Day 1
  • IT service planning
  • Contract types
  • Commercial evaluations
  • Value for money
  • Contract change
  • Contract manager role profile

Day 2
  • Service delivery and management
  • Service manager role profile
  • IT service models
  • Relationship management
  • Relationship manager role profile
  • Negotiations.


This course is ideally suited to contract managers, service managers, service delivery managers, procurement managers and anyone involved in supplier/vendor evaluations or negotiations.


We can also run standard or bespoke courses at your own premises as well as online webinars and one-to-one sessions.


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* Please note that this is not a substitute for an ITIL® IT Service Management training course.