Team Building

Team Building

Through the use of Communities in Business – 3-day duration (residential)

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This 3-day highly original and thought-provoking team building event is suitable for senior management teams and executive teams who want to improve their unity, cohesion and leadership fitness, and take with them a means of tracking ongoing improvement.

Team Building Outline

The team building event is based on the concept that a management team can be viewed as a community – using the Aim methodology “Communities of Interest”. This approach recognises that an organisation, its people and customers form a dynamic cluster of communities who although may have common objectives and aspirations, may have very different beliefs about how they are to be delivered. Unless the communities are defined, understood and in agreement, harmful conflict can result and objectives will not be met.

By applying some ground-breaking techniques the event seeks to understand the current team make-up and challenge barriers preventing the team from becoming highly effective. Sport and recreation are used throughout to put learnings to the test but fully adapted to the abilities of attendees. Team members work to create a team ‘fitness dashboard’, which plots the team’s leadership fitness and ongoing improvement.

The 3-day course is structured as follows.

Day 1: The Obstacles
  • Establishing rapport
  • Understanding the present
  • Understanding the role of feedback
Day 2: Making Sense of It
  • Looking at future possibility
  • Understanding the team belief system
  • Defining team fitness and enrolment
Day 3: Going Forward
  • Looking at future possibility
  • Creating the team dashboard
  • Understanding future team working and becoming ’great’.

Accommodation, all meals and refreshments are included in the event.


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