Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Because, when it comes to maintaining your business, continuity is key. 


Aim Business Continuity Package

From training and systems to tools and DR sites, we can assist you at any and all stages of business continuity planning, crisis management and disaster recovery provisioning

  • Practitioners in business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management, delivering simple, integrated solutions
  • Interim crisis managers
  • DRI international award winning business continuity software planning tool RecoveryPlanner®
  • Plan reviews and audits against standards or best practices
  • Site surveys to assess threats and risks
  • Disaster recovery sites
  • Planning and facilitating rehearsals based on realistic scenarios
  • Business continuity software, making plan management easy and secure
  • Off-site plan and data storage
  • Training

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Compliance and risk are really different sides of the same coin. Compliance is a wider discipline required by all organisations to meet their objectives, operate in a correct and ethical way and demonstrate adherence to good governance, best practices and standards. Risk management concerns understanding the uncertainty about the outcome of future events that could impact the ability of the organisation to meet its compliance objectives.

We apply a model which takes a formal yet pragmatic risk and scenario based approach to business continuity management, ensuring that planning effort and solutions are commensurate with the organisation and its level of exposure.

  1. Setting Priorities – A risk-based approach is taken. A business impact analysis is made to assess mission critical activites and assets, whilst a risk assessment is used to quantify threats and vulnerabilities. Once priorities are established, cost-effective action can be proposed.

  2. Producing Plans – Determine how the organisation will respond to incidents and crises, and capture this information in a series of plans. Undertake initial integrated rehearsal of plans.

  3. Maintenance – Move plans into ongoing maintenance, review, update and rehearse.

We also offer a fast-track business continuity planning service for organisations who need a plan developed quickly.  

This service generates a business continuity plan quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Most suitable for smaller, non-complex organisations with one or a small number of sites who have no plan in place and need one rapidly. It will be of particular interest to organisations seeking to be prepared or who need to demonstrate compliance.  

The service will also be of interest to those seeking to reduce their insurance premiums by having demonstrable preparation for reducing consequential loss from major incidents.

The service involves one of our business continuity consultants conducting a telephone interview for 30-60 mins with your representative and then submitting the plan in MS Word. Plan turnaround time 48 hours.

Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are compliant with industry good practices/standards such as BS 25999, ISO 27001, ISO 24762, ITIL®, MoR®, COBIT and legislation – Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002.


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