Organisational data DNA

Organisational data DNA

DataBelt® has the tools to allow an organisation to understand its data DNA. 


Data DNA is Aim’s term for recognising that data is the essential framework about which an organisation is structured. To understand an organisation it is necessary to understand its data as it will be instrumental in answering questions such as ‘why we do what you do’, ‘what processes do we follow’, and ‘how these can be changed to work better for us and our clients, with greater agility, more innovation and less risk’. And the answers to such questions are key to successful digital transformation.


DataBelt®’s Data DNA tools provide a snapshot profile of the organisation through the prism of data - strategy, policies and operations. It does this first by identifying, indexing and classifying the data held by an organisation - both electronic and hardcopy. DataBelt® then captures the relationships between data sets and components of the organisation as well as the data inputs and outputs. And finally, dataBelt® assesses the value and liabilities of data, its security rating, lineage and any other aspect relevant to an organisation.   


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With this information to hand, dataBelt® can then build a comprehensive picture of the organisation and how it operates, creating a relational data inventory/service catalogue in its Configuration Management Database and ready to answer any questions put to it by dataBelt®’s sophisticated machine learning and query engines.    


dataBelt®’s DNA tools are also key enablers for ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance against controls such as GDPR/Data Protection, financial resilience and Bank of England PRA’s operational continuity regulations.


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