BMC Implementations

BMC Implementations

Onboarding is the implementation process for deploying a BMC tool, to an organisation and its staff, on time and to budget. 

Our on-boarding approach forms part of our proprietary agile transformation method TRANS4M, and we have more than 50 on-boarding projects successfully executed covering tens of thousands of users.  We follow a 4-stage process as follows, each step integrated within a comprehensive communications programme to stakeholders:



Setting governance, critical success factors, business requirements, policies, gathering foundation data, understanding data migration.


Preparing for Onboarding

Design and build of the required system, integration with other tools, system testing, use case testing to ensure fitness for purpose, staff training, provision of user guides, business readiness checks.


Onboarding Cutover

Work and change freezes to ensure successful cutover, migration of foundation data and in-flight data, testing acceptance, GO/NO GO decision.


Onboarding Support

Early life support to ensure the organisation does not risk ‘business as usual’ work, embed the change, lessons learnt, handover to the support team and close down the project.

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