Collaborative work management



Control and manage all aspects of case-driven operational processes

A complete and integrated, fully agnostic, collaborative work management tool providing end-to-end straight through processing capability. Integrates with data input and output systems including scanning systems, email, SMS, web-portal, telephony and EDMs such as Aim's dataTrove®.

Why dataChain®?


  • Enables collaborative working
  • Provides end to end processing
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Converges common ways of compliant working
  • Allows control of data and documents
  • Creates non-native workflows to aid performance
  • Full reporting dashboard


dataChain® is equipped with functions such as SLAs (service level agreements to ensure service targets are met), OLAs (operating level agreements to ensure teams work effectively in a process), web-portal, user consoles and a comprehensive management information reporting engine and dashboards that can generate sophisticated real-time operational reports, as well as historical trending and comparative reports.


dataChain®integrates with all functional databases – eg finance, pension, HR, IT – forthe access, import and processing of data required to complete a workmanagement process.

Multi-tenant Framework

dataChain® is multi-tenant framework tool which means that non-native functionality can be built on the system without the need and cost of implementing additional point solutions.

Examples of non-native systems we have developed include call centres, training course bookings, investments, sales, customer complaints, risk and compliance, project and programme management, incident management, change management, business continuity.

User-first Design

dataChain® user interface and navigation are designed as user-first, making use of intuitive processes and wizards to allow a user to complete a task easily and quickly. The web-portal also allows an organisation to reach out effectively to both its internal teams and external customers.

Performance Improvement

dataChain® has helped organisations improve their productivity by an average of 30% and in some cases as high as 75%.

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