Aim named 2024 SPARK Matrix Leader

Aim named 2024 SPARK Matrix Leader

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We are proud to announce that Aim Ltd and our data solution software products dataBelt® and dataServe® have been rated as world top technology leaders in the May 2024 SPARK Matrix on Data Governance software, from leading international analysts Quadrant Knowledge Solutions


Our thanks go to our customers and partners who were interviewed and provided such excellent feedback to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analysts.


Aim Ltd's CEO Steve Ackland declared:

" We are now seen as true disruptors in the data industry, as our single platform vision has almost limitless applications. Understanding data as a borderless entity and providing tools that flexibly engage in any way required with all data assets - structured and unstructured - is proving to be truly transformative for organisations.

Unfortunately, many organisations we meet still follow the traditional but limiting ways of leveraging data, and in so doing are missing its true infonomic value – but we are definitely helping to shift organisational mindsets.

As one of our newer customers told us last week, “in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee, dataBelt® allowed us to gain insight and answer questions that normally would have taken days, weeks or longer – even if it had been possible before to give answers”. A fantastic testimonial!"


If you would like to see the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions report and why Aim Ltd has been rated so highly, please message us at