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GDPR Training

GDPR Training at all levels –
Practical Application Not Impractical Information

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) having come into force on 25th May 2018, now is the time to ensure your management team and employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and the actions to be taken.


What Aim Courses Provide

Our comprehensive training courses brings you up-to-date with the latest GDPR regulations.

Aim offers a range of GDPR training courses and awareness sessions for senior managers, new data protection officers and employees required to understand and comply with the new regulations.

We focus on the practical application of GDPR in your business, tailoring the material to your needs.

Our Courses

Senior Management Training


One-day Course

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A one day classroom training course covering all elements of GDPR with a particular focus on business risk, via interactive sessions, understanding your responsibilities regarding client and employee data and the actions to take to address the regulatory requirements. Attendees will leave the course with a good comprehension of the GDPR, know the right questions to ask of the business and the next steps to take as well as a plan for your business to assess and meet compliance.

Employee Awareness Sessions


Sessions in 3 Formats

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These training sessions are held in 3 different formats:

  • An At-the-Desk one hour briefing session delivered via e-learning to your employees, providing an excellent overview of the key points of the new regulation, your employees’ obligations and their own rights under GDPR.
  • An At-the-Desk GDPR awareness webinar, delivered by our CIPP(E) qualified GDPR consultants in individual or group sessions (1-100 users), which includes a Q&A session for your employees.
  • A one-day instructor-led GDPR training session, either at your premises or one of our training venues, specifically tailored to your business and industry.

Free GDPR Training


Self-training videos

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Access our online GDPR self-training videos for free here!

14 modules to go through at your own pace that will give you an understanding of the importance placed on the security of personal data in a technologically complex world. Once the course completed, you will be able to take a short quiz testing your knowledge of the material covered.

After reviewing our GDPR Training videos, take our Foundation Data Protection Act and GDPR Training Assessment.

Once you have successfully passed the assessment, a Data Protection Act and GDPR Training certificate attested by Aim's DPO will be generated and emailed to you.

Data Breach Training

We also have a GDPR Data Breach Training video available here. This 30 minute training has been designed to give a basic understanding of what data breaches are, what the GDPR says about them, and how you should deal with breaches if they occur.

Data Protection Officer Training


One-day Session

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A one-day classroom session giving an introduction to the regulation for new Data Protection Officers, to meet Article 37 of the GDPR which states that ‘The data protection officer shall be designated on the basis of professional qualities and, in particular, expert knowledge of data protection law and practices…’. Attendees will leave the course with a clear understanding of the regulation and a plan for your business to assess and meet compliance.

Bespoke Training Sessions


Tailor-made Training

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We can tailor GDPR training to the specific needs of your industry, business and employees, in classroom training or workshops either at your own offices or at one of our training venues, and in webinar formats.

Our tutors have hands on experience of GDPR assessments and are CIPP(E) accredited, giving you the security of knowing that you will understand how the GDPR relates to your business, rather than what it means in isolation, and act accordingly.


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