dataChain's 10th birthday

dataChain's 10th birthday


Happy birthday dataChain®!

2020 is a special year for dataChain® as it is the platform’s 10th birthday. We therefore asked users in our customer organisations to write us a few words about their experience with dataChain® and where it has helped them and their organisations over the years.

We are pleased and proud to record their views below.

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''My role is pensions administration team leader for a large third-party pensions’ administrator. We have hundreds of clients and I am responsible for ensuring that all tasks are completed to target, and the members of the pension scheme receive the best possible service we can provide that regularly beats their expectations.  Without dataChain® this just would not be possible.


Happy birthday dataChain® and here’s to another 5 years (at least)!''


Team Leader, Pensions Administration

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''I’ll be quite honest, when we were told we were receiving a new work management system to help us, I was sceptical, if not vocally negative as my back-office settlements team and I were familiar with our current systems, (albeit we moaned about them a lot!). My word though, no need to worry.


With the implementation of dataChain, the ease of using just one automated system for all inputting, routing and reporting was a huge step forward for us.

And one year on – we would be lost without dataChain®   


Many happy returns dataChain® from me and the team x''


Operations Manager, Finance

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''My organisation looks after the administration of multiple customer service schemes, each with their own set of service targets and because we have grown through outsourcing and TUPE, we have a number of teams and customer systems on a wide variety of platforms, each of which are at a different stage in their technological journeys. This made working to common processes and unified reporting almost impossible. DataChain® was brought in to deal with these issues. 

The clever design of dataChain® acting as a sort of skin over all the other systems and accessing them all concurrently, allowed us to move to consistent ways of working, elevating quality, compliance and turnaround times. And because it is data driven, dataChain® with its business intelligence and dashboards makes customer reporting a dream. Consistency of approach also means that we can now easily move staff around to work for different customers or when there are activity spikes, because everyone works in the same way. We had a quite significant staff attrition rate due to poor job satisfaction and morale - after dataChain® no longer a problem!''


Customer Success Manager, Insurance

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''When the Aim team pitched their dataChain® platform and suggested the high level of productivity improvements we could achieve, I didn’t really believe them at first.  But a proof of concept followed by a fast and efficient implementation into what we all admit is a confusing organisation, proved everything they were saying was true - and then some.


Well done dataChain® and the guys from Aim!''


Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain


We had some key drivers in terms of efficiency gains and cost reductions, so needed to move to a different work management platform that was integrated, fully agnostic, supported collaborative working and introduced greater automation and straight-through processing.  We also needed a system that enabled including scanning systems, email, SMS, web-portal, telephony and improved electron document management.


DataChain® was the obvious choice as we now have a system where we can share data across sites but at the same time making sure teams only see the data and functionality relevant to their roles. We have a single view across all our clients and schemes and are able to share resources between them utilising our resources more efficiently.


Happy birthday dataChain®


Operations Solution Architect, Merchant Bank

Our customers were becoming increasingly critical that they weren’t seeing any programme of continuous improvement in our services – such as driving out better performance, cost efficiencies and end-user satisfaction. They also intimated that contract renewal may require them to look seriously at other suppliers.  We therefore looked at software tools on the market that supported continuous improvement better than the ones we had, and selected dataChain® by Aim. 


The Aim team immediately showed how so many of the cool features of dataChain® gave us a continuous improvement programme almost straight out of the box. Features such as better collaborative team working, enhanced auto-quality checking, using the operational diary for forward scheduling tasks, use of OLAs to manage and compare team performances better and so improve work turnaround times. After dataChain® was implemented, at the following service reviews, customers were pleased and recognised the improvements we were making.


Keep up the good work Aim!


Senior Service Delivery Manager, Telecoms Call Centre

Our problem was with staff resourcing as our previous work management system only allowed us to see what work was outstanding in separate queues without any cross-site visibility. This meant it was difficult to apply common standards and policies across the organisation and a massive dependency on experienced users of the team knowing how long work cases would take, what stage they were at, and which customers and tasks were more complex.


DataChain®’s workflows, stage progress, time-sheeting and service target (SLA) tracking allowed us to compile average handling times based upon actual handling times from the system.  Applying these metrics to the system allowed it to tell us the optimal way for allocating work volumes and meet SLAs, based upon the staff available. Prior to dataChain® we had no means of forecasting resource constraints, so we could plan accordingly. The consequence being we had to bring in agency staff at short notice to meet the demand, costing quite a lot of money each month.  Within one month of dataChain® being implemented no more agency staff required!


Happy birthday dataChain®!


Resource Manager, Pensions and Investments

Our challenge was moving towards a shared services model and allowing technical innovation to drive digital transformation in our company. DataChain® was the platform we chose because it came with so many features out of the box. And wow did it support innovation! Its development platform allowed us to use it as a framework solution for not just operations, but also HR, procurement, compliance, facilities, training, risk management, finance and supply chain. 

We even had built a full end to end process that presented a service line to our customers through a dedicated portal and behind it each step of the workflow covered and largely automated - from quotation to purchase to delivery to invoicing were included. Made our competitors jealous!


Well done dataChain® and the guys at Aim


Sales Manager, Payroll Provider



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