Coronavirus - AiM Service Update

Coronavirus - AiM Service Update

Dear all,


With increasing media coverage around Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the potential impact on global industries, many organisations are understandably concerned about how it may affect them.


We would like to reassure you that we have taken, and will continue to take measures to ensure that we are operating at normal levels of Customer Support and do not expect any change in our performance status. We are also in frequent communication with our vendors who have confirmed they are not expecting any reduction in the service that they offer. Should we expect any changes, we will of course notify you beforehand.


In line with ISO22301 (Business Continuity), we have employed our work from home procedures, which we have been doing successfully since 9 March 2020. All communication, alongside training and enhancements are being completed remotely, alongside the use of web-conferencing to aid in the continuation of meetings.


Additionally, our remote working policy is aligned with ISO 27001 in addition to 20 other security policies. These provide employees with a framework which covers:


a.       The communications security requirements, taking into account the need for remote access to AiM’s internal systems, the sensitivity of the information that will be accessed and pass over the communication link and the sensitivity of the internal system.

b.       The threat of unauthorised access to information or resources from other persons using the accommodation, eg family and friends.

c.        The use of home networks and requirements or restrictions on the configuration of wireless network services.

d.       information will be protected against unauthorised access.

e.       Confidentiality of information will be assured. This involves the protection of valuable, classified or unclassified but sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure or intelligible interruption.

f.         Integrity of information will be maintained. This involves safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information by protecting against unauthorised modification.


AiM’s Chief Information Security Officer and team will ensure that security is maintained during remote working. In addition, our Crisis Management Team and Incident Management Team are meeting on a regular basis, and continue to monitor the situation closely. We will assess the situation in line with updates from reliable sources of information including the World Health Organisation to ensure that we can continue to meet the ongoing needs of our customers.


Contacting us


Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service remains our number one priority.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact your account manager, or customer support at 08448 0404 654 or email at