Finance services company to streamline its business operations

Finance services company to streamline its business operations

An international finance, investment and share registrar company that had grown through outsourcing, wanted to streamline its business operations – and reverse a trend of failing to win new business – Aim was asked to propose an approach




An international financial services company that manages large and complex investments, pension funds and share registers, set itself new targets and recognised that it would need to change its way of working to meet them. Part of that included the sales team, which was not winning the level of new business required due in part to the company’s poor reputation for delivery.

Aim was brought in to identify, prioritise and shape the key areas of strategic change that were required. The findings were that the organisation was suffering significant operational inefficiencies and waste through broken processes, inconsistent manual methods and the absence of a single unified work management system. Consequently, there was a lack of effective collaboration, an absence of operational visibility and very limited real time information to manage operations. 

Aim built a compelling business case supporting a minimum 15% productivity gain across the operations teams, a payback period of 12-18 months and consequential reversal of lost business. 




Business transformation was initiated, bringing together core Aim capabilities in programme delivery, business process re-engineering, Aim’s dataEstate® software suite, culture and people change.

Work management improvement was a priority, to make the teams more productive, removal of process silos, convergence to common ways of working and significantly improved automation. A target operating model (TOM) was designed built around Aim’s dataChain®. The system would provide a single platform where all work would be auto-logged whatever its origins, as well as inbound and outbound integrations. Data cleansing was undertaken as a pre-requisite, using AiM’s dataBelt® system to ensure the compliance and integrity of data for radically improved data management.

Integration of the work management platform at the database level with other systems meant that dataChain® was technically agnostic, future proofing the company for any new customers.




Following an 8-month implementation, before and after measures of process key performance indicators (KPIs) were compared which showed that productivity had in fact achieved an average increase greater than 22% and for the contact centre it was greater than 60%. And productivity rose higher over time as processes and systems optimised. These and other key benefits, such as real-time reporting, have led to a better, quicker and far more accurate service for customers, with greater visibility, compliance and security than ever before. And the reduction in base operating costs was more than £1.5m per year.

The new work management and data approach led the company to improving is delivery track record resulting in increased customer loyalty, a reversing its ‘lost business’ trend to win a number of sizeable contracts, including a once in a decade multi-million Pound deal